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How This Course Benefits You

Designed for busy, successful professional women like you who are 40+, the content and exercises for the Phenomenal Femmes series could enable you to discover within yourself an increased awareness of:

  • Simple things you could do to improve your life right now
  • Tools and discipline to overcome self-sabotaging or defeatist thoughts or behaviors
  • Underlying beliefs that have held you back but will no longer control you
  • Daily miracles and gifts you often overlook so you can experience joy from them
  • Techniques and processes to achieve greater mind-body balance
  • Stress reduction methods that really work
  • Creative ways to invite prosperity into your life
  • Ways to create energy that magnetically attracts more or better-quality relationships. Soulmates do exist!

The Phenomenal Femmes Health & Wellness Course

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Course Quick View

  • Ebony Jazzed is a small, intimate class, conveniently taught on Zoom, for black women 40+.
  • It focuses on the mind-body-heart-soul wellness of the whole person.
  • These sessions are for women who want a life that’s open to new possibilities, miracles, and much more than just an okay life. They want the respect, acknowledgment, and encouragement they deserve.


Duration: 4 weeks. 4 Zoom classes of 2 hours each with assignments in between and a celebration at the end of the 4th week.


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I am a holistic health and wellness coach, speaker, and writer who specializes in topics of specific interest to black women 40+.
I get what you go through and love celebrating your triumphs.
When we learn to nurture ourselves and each other through wellness and awareness techniques, we promote our personal health, happiness, and fulfillment.
In other words, let’s replace a lot of that pain and frustration with more joy! God wants us to be happy.

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