Article Writing

    • Web-based research articles – $15-$50 per page.
    • Simple blog articles – $100-$150.
    • Health/wellness articles – $300-$500.
    • Medical/scientific articles – $300-$500.
    • Full-length magazine articles – $500 for 1000 words or less.
    • Short fiction or creative nonfiction pieces – $200-$300.

Copy Writing

    •  Ad/copywriting – $300.
    • Ad/copywriting sales letter – $150.

Public Speaking

    •  Keynote speech– $2500
    • Corporate Wellness Expert Speech– $3000

Larger Projects

    • Book synopses – $250-$500 depending upon length/complexity.
    • Memoirs or Bios – $100 retainer and $40/hr.

Phenomenal Femmes Wellness Course

Are you ready to sign up for a life lived with purpose, passion, health, hope, and vitality?

Prices may decrease or increase from those listed here. All assignments are assessed on a case-by-case basis, as complexity, difficulty, and research hours may vary.


What is the best way to contact you?

Call me at 678-314-4782, email me at, or message me via LinkedIn or Facebook.

When will I receive my requested content?

The ideal turnaround time is 24-48 hours for a blog post or article order. Life happens, but I put forth my best effort at meeting this deadline. More complex projects will require additional time.

How will I pay you?

After we have discussed your requirements and you have confirmed your order in writing, I will provide my PayPal Business payment link. Work will commence immediately upon receipt of payment. If you provide a contract, we will of course abide by those terms.