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Failure Is Not the Goal

    You hear the mantra repeated incessantly in today’s business world: Fail fast. Keep iterating versions of whatever you’re working on, fall flat on your posterior with a cheerful do-it-or-die attitude, and voila! Success is inevitable.

     Lighten Your

      We have all been there. Sometimes multiple deadlines loom like monsters poised to devour us. Bosses, teachers, spouses, friends in crisis, demanding children, and healthcare providers glance at their schedules …

      WHAT-IF-ITIS: How to Combat It

        Normally, words ending with the suffix -itis indicate inflammation. In this context, my term what-if-itis inflames not the organs, but a passionate fear of the unknown, of what lies ahead.

        The Evolution of the Zoomplace

          Nothing spawns innovative problem-solving like the emergence of a pesky new problem.

          Of course, these days, we are told not to use this forbidden word. We should consider…

          Tone Down the Reps; Ramp Up the Results

            I acquired an avid interest in exercise when I entered my mid-teens because the experts boasted benefits that included overcoming teenage angst, shaping a fabulous figure, clearing the skin — especially acne — and building muscle. My legs at that time resembled those of a chair rather than…

             From Hair Loss to Self-Esteem Gain

              At the age of 46, one of my friends experienced alopecia, a disturbing and premature form of hair loss. Gradually, her hairline mimicked that of a balding man.
              Distraught, she self-diagnosed her condition, male pattern baldness, and sought the advice of a self-proclaimed expert who worked at one of …

              Magnificent Magnesium

                Why is there so much buzz about magnesium these days — at least among the health-conscious?
                Often touted as a panacea, magnesium does perform a host of essential roles in the body. But don’t get too carried away with the concept. Medical experts at the Mayo Clinic indicate it can …

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